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For BSc Sem VI

Dr. Abdul Lateef Khanday, Dr. Junaid Ahmad Malik, Prof. Gowhar Rashid, Dr. S.M. Zuber
World Biologica
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About the Book

About this Book

This book covers all the topics as per the prescribed syllabus of University of Kashmir for B.Sc. 6th Semester; Section 1- Overview of the Immune System, Section 2- Antigens and Antibodies, Section 3- Working of the Immune System i.e. MHC, cytokines and complement system. Section 4 deals with various types of hypersensitivities, basic concepts of auto immunity and immunodeficiency; and an overview of vaccines.

This book will be highly useful to graduate students (B.Sc. 6th Semester). It is also hoped that the present book will serve as a useful resource for teachers of immunology.

Any suggestions for the improvement of the book will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged. 

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